Who are the courses for?

  • Psychologists

    Students of psychology and registered psychologists considering a career in legal or forensic psychology.

  • Professionals in the criminal justice system

    Police officers, lawyers and social workers interested in understanding how psychological processes impact on criminal investigations and legal decision-making.

  • Criminologists

    Criminologists interested in the application of psychology to the criminal justice system.

Why study with Forensii?

Our knowledge

Our knowledge of the field is extensive.

For example, we currently hold one of the largest library collections on police interviewing of suspects in the world. This includes nearly every book ever published (there are a few even we can't get) and 2000+ research papers. If you have a question about investigative interviewing, chances are we have the answer!

Our teaching experience

Our courses have been developed after years of experience teaching in universities (e.g., postgraduate courses in forensic psychology) and teaching on police training courses.

Our research

Many current investigative practices are based on the research work of our team, including the labeling and creation of the very first model of “investigative interviewing”. Our first-hand experience and connections to police services around the world mean that our teaching really is state-of-the-art.

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